Reasons for refinancing your current home loan:

  • Are you paying more interest compare to the current market?
  • Are you thinking to draw cash against the equity of your existing property?
  • Would you like to buy rental or investment property?

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Refinancing is like taking a new mortgage to pay off your existing or current home loan. It often refers to enjoy financial benefits, such as reduce monthly payments, lower interest rates, take cash out or buying another property by using equity. There are many advantages and disadvantages to refinance your current home loan, you should consider before deciding whether refinancing is right for you.

Advantages –

  • Decrease monthly repayment.
  • Obtain better loan features.
  • Draw additional cash by using equity.
  • Save money by paying a lower interest rate.
  • Allow you to consolidate multiple debts into one repayment.


  • Withdrawing additional cash may increase your mortgage repayment and the size of your mortgage and reduce the equity in your home
  • May increase or extend the length / term of your mortgage (often resetting to 30 years)
  • There may be fees or costs incurred
  • The valuation of your property may come back lower than you expected Short-term debts consolidated into a refinance are paid out over a longer period of time.
  • Potentially higher long-term costs of repayment of a loan resulting from extending the loan term Before making a decision on whether this type of loan is suitable for you it is important for you to consider the above information and discuss the suitability of this loan type with your Mortgage Professional.

What We Do

  • We offer adequate time to listen you carefully and find a right lender to suit your needs.
  • We do the initial market research and find you several options to choose from.
  • We produce a comparison report and negotiate the interest rate on your behalf.
  • We assist you to prepare loan documents and do all the legworks.
  • We will also guide and support you through the entire lending process.
  • We can help bad credit and self-employed applicants for home loan.

Having a right person to assist you can make the world of difference. Let us be a proud financing partner of your business. Call or Email us today to make an appointment for consultation at no cost.

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